Hotel Features

Hotel Features

Docceo DigiJamesTM will enhance your hotel operations. The guest experience is phenomenal and so is the increased efficiency, analytics and chances for increased revenues.



Everyone prefers to use their own language. Languages also contributes significantly to the costs of a hotels. Multilingual employees costs a premium and are hard to find. DigiJamesTM comes with a several languages and more can be added.

For example, while the guest can order their room service in the language of their choice, the order by-passes front desk and comes out in the kitchen in the language that the kitchen staff prefers. This cuts down on employee costs and also errors.

Staff Device App

When a guest needs a towel, toothbrush or have some other service request, they simply enter the request using DigiJamesTM and the system will forward the message to the staff assigned to service that floor or room. The staff member have to acknowledge the have received the request and later that the request has been fulfilled. If a request is not acknowled or fulfilled within time limits set up by management, the front desk will be notified to ensure quick responses.

The Staff Device App can be installed on the employee's personal android or iOS device or the hotel can choose to supply a smartphone for this purpose.

Supported OS

If the hotel offers the option for guests to download DigiJamesTM as an app, we support android and iOS devices. 

Branding and Customization

The guest app can be customized and branded with your hotel's colors, logo and pictures.

Content Management System Interface

backendDigiJames Management System will be accessible from Front Desk or Back Office computers. From this interface all aspects of the system can be managed and service requests are monitored and acted upon.

Data security is a must in the hospitality industry and critical for Docceo's success as it integrates with other critical systems like PMS and POS. DigiJamesTM will never read or store credit card information. The API between DigiJamesTM and PMS/POS will only access non-financial fields. All devices use double authentication to ensure no outside devices gain access.

Message Composer

Communicating with guests is very important. There are personal messages like "your taxi has arrived" and messages to all guests like "the outside pool is now open". There is also the possibility to send messages to specific groups staying at your property, for example "the venue for the conference has moved to Room 102B".

Analytics Dashboard

analytics-graphThe old adage "What you Measure you can Manage" has never been more true. DigiJamesTM gives your hotel much more information about what your guests enjoy, from the settings in the room (lights, temperature) to what information they browse and what services or products they order.

Docceo help hospitality operators achieve 3 important goals


Increase efficiency, save money!

Docceo eco 250pix

Guest happiness

Guests love Docceo DigiJamesTM. From the moment they step into their room, their experience will be enhanced.

Green business

Save on resources like electricity, save the earth!

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