Guest Features

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Guest Welcome Page

Turn your guest room into a personalized haven. DigiJamesTM will greet the guest by name in the chosen language. All prices will be available in the guest's preferred currency.

temperatureIf the guest has stayed with you before you can even have the air conditioner set to their preferred temperature!

No one can be comfortable if it is too hot or too cold. Everyone has their special setting. With DigiJames your guest can set it exactly the way they like it.


tv channel

TV Guide

Of the potentially hundreds of channels many hotels offer, probably just a few of them will be attractive to any one guest. It can turn into slow and boring clicking to find the preferred channels. With DigiJames, each guest can quickly filter the channels based on language and category. 

Guest Services Directory

It is hard to keep printed in-room brochures up to date. The printing costs quickly ads up as well. With DigiJames the guests will have all the latest information at their fingertips:

  • brochuresParking info
  • City locations and maps
  • Hotel gym and fitness
  • Hotel lounges
  • Transportation
  • Flight information
  • Meeting and banquet facilitys
  • Residents activities
  • Loyalty programs and rewards

Guest Survey Card

Nothing is more important than getting feedback from the customers. With DJ the distance between the guest and the GM is just a click.


makeupGuests that find themselves in need for anything can order it with a click. The order goes directly to the floor manager so they can respond immediately:

  • Room service
  • Room cleaning
  • Laundry / dry cleaning
  • Cars or limousines

Communication / messaging / push notifications

  • Weather updates, safety warnings, civil or municipal events
  • Reminders for maintenance
  • Direct message to the general manager
  • Clubs, events, activities updates
  • Digital mailbox

need coffeeSuggestions

DigiJames offer the guests suggestions for added services and upsells based on system activities and preferences.

  • Upsells
  • Extras
  • Promotions
  • Festivals
  • Specials
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