DJ Integration

Every hotel in the world is unique. The combination of Property Management Systems (PMS), Point of Sales Software (POS), Room Control Units (RCU), light and air conditioner controllers and of course the procedures followed by the staff make each hotel a one and only.

Docceo can help evaluate your unique combinations and give an assessment how to best integrate the DigiJames system. We have worked with hotels with a wide variety of infrastructures.

no jackhammer

Traditional Infrastructure

If your hotel have no room control units for resources like lights and air conditioners at all, can you still install DigiJames without digging into the walls and close down the whole hotel? Yes absolutely. Working wireless protocols we have been able to upgrade very traditional hotels to the latest standards.

Semi-automated Infrastructure

The hotel have older Room Control Units but no central control. Over the last few decades many companies have offered RCUs with various levels of communication interfaces. We recently worked with a hotel that had a fully functional RCU without the means for our system to "talk" to it. Our engineers then worked with a hardware partner and were able to develop a custom connection that allowed this hotel's guests and front desk to control lights via DigiJames.



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