Device Choices

Device Choices

You can choose between offering your customers to download the DigiJamesTM app to their own devices, offering consumer style devices or the DigiJamesTM Tablet PC.


The Docceo DigiJames Tablet PC has many advantages. In this day of rapid technical development, a consumer device will quickly look outdated. The device that is cutting edge today will be old and dated tomorrow. With the Docceo DJ your guests will not have the same frames of reference to give these kind of bad connotation.


Guests might not treat hotel property with quite the same love and care as they would their own. Then it comes in handy that Docceo DJ is more ruggedized than the average consumer device.


Hotel property sometimes ends up in the guests' luggage. The Docceo DJ is a purposebuilt device that runs only DijiJames software. This is reflected in the physical design of the tablet with a bulkier backpanel that is signalling that this device would be nothing but a door stop if taken home.

Docking station

Docking/charging the Docceo DJ is very easy due to the connectors. Where most consumer devices use a mini-USB connector that can break if used carelessly, the Docceo DJ Dock uses pogo connectors. As long as the tablet stands up in the stand, it is charging.


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