Guest Experience

You enter the room and there is a tablet PC on the bedside table greeting you by name in your language. You pick up the tablet and quickly discover how you can use it to control the lights, A/C and TV to your liking.

You feel hungry and look over all the food choices; hotel restaurants, restaurants in the neighborhood and also room service. A juicy burger delivered to your room in 10 minutes feels just right.

You decide exactly what you want on it, how you want it cooked and what side dishes you would like. All choices and prices are displayed in your language and currency so you feel comfortable. After you press confirm, the order goes directly to the kitchen where it pops up in the chef's language. Never again will language stand in the way of the perfect burger!

While you order, the system comes up with the suggestion that perhaps you would like to have a beer as well and you click agree. Good suggestion Docceo!

The burger arrives and it is delicious. While eating the burger you use the Docceo tablet PC to browse the TV channels. No longer do you need to click through a lot of channels in languages you don't understand or genres you are not interested in, you simply filter them away.

The second day you discover you really need one more towel. You use the Docceo tablet PC to order one. The order goes directly to the phone of the maid assigned to your room (the Docceo Staff Device), she accepts the request, delivers the towel and marks the request fulfilled. All service information is of course logged so the managers can track real service levels and guest satisfaction.

If at any time you feel like you need to praise or complain about the hotel, pull up the "Letter to the General Manager" function and send him or her a message.

These are just some of the ways Docceo will transform your hotel experience.

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