Business Travelers most valued technology and wi-fi

fortune-business-travelFortune Magazine and Travel + Leisure surveyed their readers about their business travels. Several interesting statistics can be found, for example the question Most Valued Amenities where 55% answered "In-room technology or Wi-Fi".

Ritz-Carlton was selected as the number one ranked hotel brand, partly because their heavy investments in technology. 

At Docceo we are very happy to see how the hotel industry is embracing technology.


Leveraging older RCU

Many hotels that we run into have older Room-Control-Units (RCU) that are are not quite as smart and communicative as we would like them to be. At first look, it seems like a load of cash needs to be spent on every room before we can come and install our DigiJames application. 


Guest Experience

You enter the room and there is a tablet PC on the bedside table greeting you by name in your language. You pick up the tablet and quickly discover how you can use it to control the lights, A/C and TV to your liking.